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Making new instruments is one of my specialties. Here you see some pictures of an instrument from my workshop:
In your search for an ideal instrument, I cordially invite you to visit my new instrument workshop. Here you will gain an insight into a living creative process, the making of new stringed instruments. Here seasoned wood is used to create unique individual instruments which will impress you with their proportions, their style, the magic of their varnish and above all their rich tone colors.
Anjalena and Johannes Galic
In order to achieve optimal results, I work under the same conditions as the old Italian masters:
  • I personally select the wood for my new instruments. I acquire it directly from the Velebit mountains of Croatia or Bosnia, where optimal growing conditions for the wood prevail. This is also where the old Italian violin makers obtained their materials. The materials constitute one of the most essential prerequisites for obtaining the desired tonal characteristics in the finished instrument. I have already acquired a selection of wood from which you can personally choose the wood to be used for your instrument.
  • I make instruments from various models of the old masters, and have also developed my own model, which I will be glad to introduce to you. I will also be happy to use a model according to your own specifications. 
  • The ground and varnish are prepared by me, using old Venetian recipes. In order to attain the same climatic conditions as those experienced by the Italian masters, I have use a workshop on the island of Krk, in Croatia. Here, in natural sunlight, the wood, its ground, and the varnish of the instrument acquire their unique magic.
You can be assured that these methods allow instruments to be created which, as descendants of the great old Italian instruments, can approach the Italian tonal flair and the magic of the varnish; they are completely authentic, but far less delicate than the older instruments. 
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