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Cello in Workshop WindowCopying an instrument which is a great old Italian masterpiece is not like slavishly imitating a signature. Rather, it means achieving a creative process with the same momentum, taking into account the direction of every wood fiber and every irregularity in the wood, in order to ensure that vibrations will be conducted through the wood without interruption. 

In the old Italian instruments the marks left by the carving remain to this day, revealing the reading of the wood by the great masters of the past.

The priceless varnishes have seeped into the indentations left by the carving and have left deposits in such a way that this sculptural medium reveals a musical vision. As with a musical manuscript, this image must be interpreted anew. Using this approach to extract unique tonal values is a metaphysical process of immense fascination.
I cordially invite you to try out my instruments, to judge for yourself the results of my work.