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Master Violin Maker Johannes GalicJohannes Galic 
I was born into a music-loving family in 1962. As children, my twin brother and I learned to play stringed instruments: my brother the violin and I the cello. Our younger sister studied violin from an early age and obtained a Solistendiplom (Soloist Degree) with Distinction. 
My second love was art and painting. Thus, I was torn between studying to become a sculptor and graphic artist and studying to become a violin maker. The love of music prevailed, and I learned the craft of violin making. Here I found fulfillment in the union of my two interests, music and artistic design. 
My training as a violin maker may be outlined as follows: 
  • Professional training as a violin maker in the master craftsman's workshop of Josef Kantuscher in Mittenwald. 
  • 1984 Completion of training as journeyman violin maker with Special Distinction, Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts), Upper Bavaria.  
  • 1985 State and federal first-place winner of the Leistungswettbewerb der Handwerksjugend (Young Craftworkers' Competition). 
  • Worked in Wiesbaden with master violin maker Gerieth Groth (a master's student of Jean Smith Lyon). Learned the methods of French restoration techniques. 
  • Worked with Michael Franke in Wiesbaden, specializing in varnish retouching and conservation. 
  • 1986 Scholarship for foreign studies, awarded by the board of the Benno Danner Kunstgewerbestiftung (Applied Arts Foundation) of the Handwerkskammer, Upper Bavaria. Studied in
    - London: Hill & Son
    - Moscow: Restoration workshop of the Music Conservatory and the State Instrument Collection
    - Nürnberg: Museum workshop of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Analysis, surveying and conservation of historical instruments. 
  • 1987-1991 Master's student of Pierre Chaubert in Füssen/Allgäu. 
  • 1991 Master Craftsman's Examination in Stuttgart 
  • 1993 Founding of a violin maker's workshop in Reutlingen. 
  • 1995 Founding of a violin maker's workshop in Tübingen. 
  • 2000 Restoration of a collection of historical violins in the diocese of Krk, Croatia, with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture.