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In my store I carry an extensive selection of accessories. As a specialist, I attach importance to offering you the finest quality products. 

I have the following accessories in stock: 

  • Violin cases (various models from Gewa, Negri and Gill)

  • Viola cases (various models from Gewa, Negri and Gill)

  • Cello cases (various models from Gewa and Gill)

  • Fiedler Tragesystem (backpack system for cello)

  • Parquet protector

  • Plante d'épine offers absolutely firm support on all dry surfaces, providing a stable base to permit free musical expression 

  • Shoulder rests (Wolf, Kun, Libero free-floating, Bonmusica)

  • Rosin (Kaplan, Hill, Bernardel, Millant, Larsen non-allergenic, Thomastik, all types of Liebenzeller, etc.)

  • Strings (Thomastik Dominant, Infeld, Spirocore, D'Addario, Corelli Alliance, Corelli Crystal, Prim strings, Jargar, Nürnberg artist strings, Kaplan, Larsen, etc.)

  • Pirastro strings (Eudoxa, Olive, Gold, Obligato, Tonica, Synoxa, Aricore, Chromcor, etc.)